David Becker
David S. Becker, MA, Paramedic, EFO
Adjunct Faculty

David S. Becker is the Past Chair of the Emergency Medical Services Section for the International Association of Fire Chiefs serving 20 years on the executive committee.

Chief Becker works full-time as Faculty Member for Columbia Southern University’s two Bachelor’s degree programs in Emergency Medical Services Management and Emergency Medical Services Administration.
Chief Becker worked for twenty-two years in the fire service including fifteen years as a Chief Officer. He has held a current paramedic license since 1977 in Missouri and is also licensed in Florida.

In 2006 he was appointed to work on the Educational Standards Project as the Core Content Leader for Operations through a project for NHSTA. He currently serves on three other national committees including: CoAEMSP, CAAHEP and EMS Management Degree Curriculum Development for FESHE at the National Fire Academy. He was appointed to the EMS Fatigue Project and 2017 Scope of Practice Group.

Master’s degree in Health Services Management