Health Administration and Policy (Bachelor of Science)

With a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Administration and Policy (HAP), you will be prepared to be a leader in the modern health care industry. You’ll put patients first and gain a solid understanding of health care institutions, management processes, public policy and social issues.

You’ll enjoy learning health administration and policy if you enjoy working with people and want to promote social justice in health care. The program emphasizes the Jesuit values of ethical conduct and compassionate care.

Public Health Minors

A public health minor teaches you the science behind preventing disease, prolonging life and living healthily. You’ll study disease frequency in human populations and the interventions aimed at minimizing risk factors.

Health Administration and Policy Minor

The minor in health administration and policy helps students understand administration and policy issues as they relate to health care institutions. The program is helpful to students who seek to understand the health care system as an adjunct to their chosen career.


Health care administration is one of the fastest growing career fields in the nation. According to Georgetown University’s Center for Education and Workforce, the health care industry will add 5.6 million jobs in the next 5 years.

With a degree in health administration and policy, you can become a:

  • Hospital or clinic administrator
  • Health care practitioner (such as a doctor, nurse or dentist)
  • Informatics manager
  • Health care consultant
  • Managed care analyst
  • Financial coordinator for hospitals, clinics, private practices
  • Marketing manager for hospitals, clinics, private practices

Creighton HAP graduates are prepared to meet the complex and evolving challenges of health care today.

Job Placement

An undergraduate degree in health administration and policy is sufficient for an entry-level position in the health care industry. Most higher-level heath administration management positions require training and education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Creighton’s flexible program allows you to pick electives for your personal career objectives.

Advanced Study

Recent Creighton health administration and policy graduates have been admitted to medical, dental and law schools, as well as public health and health administration graduate programs at the Universities of Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado and more.

What You'll Learn

  • Health care management processes
  • Health care public policy
  • Social and ethical issues facing the health care industry


Student Organizations

  • Health Administration and Policy Student Association (HAPSA)

    Health Administration and Policy Student Association (HAPSA)

    • Share your interests in the healthcare field with your peers
    • Learn more about the future of the profession
    •  Network with healthcare executive mentors


A HAP internship is a program requirement of 100 hours a semester. Students work as entry-level administrative professionals in organizations involved in health care delivery, administration or policymaking. Open to juniors or seniors with a GPA of at least 2.5.

Admissions Requirements

Learn about general admissions requirements for Creighton University.

Tuition & Scholarships

Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's program

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