Paramedic Certification Course for Health Care Professionals

Innovative Paramedic Certification for Health Care Professionals.

Paramedic certifications for health care professionals

If you are a registered nurse or physician looking to take steps to become a certified paramedic, consider this two-week course on the Creighton University campus. This intensive paramedic course covers an array of topics, including:

  • Advanced patient assessment
  • Advanced ventilation and airway procedures
  • Out-of-hospital medications
  • EMS patient transportation equipment
  • Advanced cardiac assessment and treatment modalities
  • Assessment and care of out-of-hospital trauma emergencies
  • Assessment and care of out-of-hospital medical emergencies

National Exam Preparation

This course builds on your existing knowledge and skills in the clinical critical care environment to prepare you to deliver incomparable out-of-hospital emergency care. After successful course completion, you will be eligible to sit for the NREMT paramedic cognitive and psychomotor exams.

Hands-on Paramedic Education

During your two weeks on Creighton’s campus, you will engage in didactic and practical skills sessions during the day. In the evenings and over the weekend, you will participate in field internships with local 911 providers. Additional out-of-hospital patient contacts may be required for you to successfully complete the course. Creighton is committed to helping you gain access to field opportunities that are as convenient as possible. However, we cannot guarantee placement with a particular agency or in a particular location.

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course dates

Apply now for this intensive on-campus, two-week course, offered during the following dates:

  • Mar. 7 – 18, 2022 *App deadline Jan. 3, 2022 or until full
  • Jul. 25 – Aug. 5, 2022 *App deadline May 2, 2022 or until full
  • Sep. 12 – 23, 2022 *App deadline Jul. 4, 2022 or until full
  • Oct. 3 – 14, 2022  *App deadline Jul. 4, 2022 or until full

Apply now



You must be an RN, APRN, PA, MD or DO in good standing with current licensure. You are also required to have a minimum of two years of independent licensed critical care experience in your role as RN, APRN, PA, MD or DO.


You are required to have EMT certification at either the national or state level as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers or equivalent. Trauma and pediatric specialty course certifications are strongly recommended.

Pre-course Content

After you are conditionally accepted into the program, there is a formal assessment as part of your conditional acceptance focused on interpreting lead II and 12-lead ECGs, advance cardiac life support, and med math. There is also approximately 12 hours of required pre-course self-assessments and content over EMS knowledge and practice. The required pre-course assessments focus on patient assessment, airway management and respiratory emergencies, cardiac emergencies, obstetrics and gynecological emergencies, and pediatric emergencies. All of these items, as well as additional course information, will be available to you on Creighton’s learning management system known as Blueline after you are conditionally accepted and approximately 4-6 weeks before the scheduled start date.


You are required to have a minimum of two references in support of your application. Possible recommenders include an instructor, professional colleague or employer.

Immunization Compliance

As a student in this class you must comply with the immunization requirements for Creighton Health Sciences students. Instructions for submitting immunization information will be provided in your acceptance materials. Learn more.

In addition to the Application you must supply:

  • Transcripts from institution(s) attended for professional training, plus institution awarding highest degree, and institution where currently enrolled
  • Resume
  • Copy of driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID
  • Short essay


Creighton offers affordable paramedic education. This is a list of estimated costs associated with this advanced placement paramedic course for registered nurses and physicians:

  • Tuition: $3,195*
  • $300 deposit due upon admission decision
  • Textbooks: $225
  • Uniform Shirts $50 - Click here to order your uniform.
  • Certification examination fee: $125-$350
  • Immunization: Cost varies

*Students interested in taking this class for college credit will be billed at the current credit hour rate. The cost of tuition is subject to change.


Creighton’s innovative advanced placement paramedic course prepares health care providers like you for careers in emergency care. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of health care professionals can apply?

This course is designed for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians. This course is not intended for allied health professionals such as respiratory therapists or physical therapists. Additionally, you need an active EMT credential to be eligible for this course.

What counts towards the two-year experience requirement?

This is an advance placement course intended to build upon at-least two years of experience as a clinician in acute care settings, such as intensive care units and emergency departments. Time spent as a student does not count towards the requirement. Prior EMS experience adds weight to your application, but it does not count towards this requirement either.

Can I become Nationally Registered or licensed in my home state?

All prospective and enrolled students are strongly encouraged to consult with their state’s EMS office regarding this course. We as program cannot stay current with EMS regulatory changes in all states. At the end of completing all program requirements, you will be eligible to test National Registry for certification and seek licensing in Nebraska, if desired. Information regarding National Registry reciprocity and State EMS office contact information can be found at

Can I complete field time back at home?

All prospective and enrolled students are strongly encouraged to consult with their state’s EMS office regarding this course. We as program cannot stay current with EMS regulatory changes in all states. Since this program is in Nebraska, most other states consider you as an out of state student. The program requires a minimum of 50 team lead contacts where you demonstrate critical thinking in providing patient care with an ALS EMS service. You will have opportunities to complete some of these contacts while on-campus, but you will need to facilitate a program agreement with a service back home or return to Omaha at a later date(s) to complete your remaining patient contacts. 

Will I need to find my own lodging and transportation while in Omaha?

You will need to secure your own lodging while you are in Omaha. There are several hotel and lodging options near our campus. Student housing is not an option. Having your own vehicle while in Omaha will make it much easier to get to your field sites. Public transportation is not a reliable option for traveling to and from campus and field sites.