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2018 Creighton University EMS Education EMS Continuing Education

Please read carefully this IMPORTANT UPDATE on our 2018 Continuing Education program.

For several years Creighton University EMS Education has offered a continuing education program for paramedics designed to meet the 48-hour refresher training requirements, as outlined by the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT).  In 2012, the NREMT introduced a new recertification model referred to as the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).  In 2016, the State of Nebraska joined 27 other states who have adopted the NCCP, with 3 additional states accepting the NCCP as an option.  All but 8 states have adopted the NCCP as of October 2017.
The NCCP includes contact hours including content areas that are designated as National Content (50%), Local Content (25%), and Individual Content (25%).  The breakdown of NCCP hours required by level include the following:

Level National State/Local Individual Total Hours
Paramedic 30 15 15 60
AEMT 25 12.5 12.5 50
EMT 20 10 10 40
EMR 8 4 4 16

Creighton University’s NCCP continuing education program will offer two options to address the National component continuing education hours, an Advanced Life Support 30 hour format that may be used by paramedics and AEMTs; and, a Basic Life Support option designed for EMTs and EMRs in a 20 hour format.  Both formats will utilize distributive delivery for a portion of the hours, that you may do at your convenience with a personal device and internet access.

Face-to-face content, including skills performance and scenario participation, will be provided at Creighton University EMS Education.  A certificate of completion will only be awarded when all face-to-face and distance education content has been completed.

If you would like additional information about the NCCP or to check if your state has adopted this new standard, please follow this link to the NREMT website:


2018 Sessions will take place on the following dates:

Basic Life Support NCCP - $200
Saturday, February 10 - 8A-5P
Sunday, February 11 - 8A-1P

Register here for the Basic Life Support Session


Advanced Life Support NCCP - $300
Friday, February 23 - 1-5P
Saturday, February 24 - 8A-5P
Sunday, February 25 - 8A-5P

Register here for the Advanced Life Support Session


Full payment is required at least two weeks in advance of the first day of the session. Registrations not paid in full two weeks prior to the first day of the session will be cancelled.  No single day registrations will be accepted.