Student Testimonials

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Our students say it best. Hear why they chose Creighton EMS, and why you should too.

Why did you choose Creighton for your EMS education?

A number of reasons which include the online program and flexibility it offers to adult learners. Prior to applying to the graduate program I met with the staff who helped me discern if the program was right for me. They helped me understand how the program might benefit me professionally and personally.
Lee Varner, MSEMS‘16

What sets Creighton’s EMS program apart from other programs?

“Experience and reputation as a trusted EMS educational program. The Creighton program has helped me as I work with EMS leaders and other stakeholders across the country. With the many changes taking place in health care and EMS, the Creighton program prepared me to meet those challenges.” 
Lee Varner, MSEMS’16

What’s great about Creighton’s EMS faculty?

“The passion for EMS is found in almost all aspects of the undergrad and graduate programs. In addition, the commitment to learning, in particular for the adult or non traditional student.” 
Lee Varner, MSEMS’16

Why should a prospective student choose Creighton EMS?

“Creighton offers a dedicated team of professionals to support the student. This includes the administrative staff who play an important role in the planning and the other needs of the student.” - Lee Varner, MSEMS’16